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Buggy tour to Bosnia & Vjetrenica cave


Full day buggy tour to Bosnia and magical Vjetrenica cave

Cave Vjetrenica is a remarkable mystical place, with its network of 370 meters of canals. It has several permanent lakes with a multitude of invertebrates. After your visit to the cave we will continue for an amazing local cuisine gastro experience and a scenery ride in the valleys of Bosnia
. We will take you for a great lunch at an authentic Bosnian countryside house to invigorate before we start our return through beautiful landscapes.
The whole experience of riding through the scenic roads, going up and down, passing by the old abandoned stone villages and fields of olives, apples and vineyards, make the tour truly special and completely authentic! Perfect way to reconnect with the nature and clear up the mind!


private tour
every day, per agreement
pick up from accommodation
8h, 5h total in buggy
perfect for couples, families, kids and work colleagues. Maximum number of passengers is 4 adults, 2 children up to 12 years take 1 adult space



08:00- 09:00 – Pick up
Pick up from your accommodation by buggy. Start times are flexible
09:00 – 10:00 –Road To Border Crossing
At the beginning of our adventure, we will drive through the villages of ‘Dubrovačko Primorje’ located above Orašac. This is a scenery ride with the amazing views of the sea, Elaphiti Islands and surrounding nature.
10:00- 10:45 – Don’t forget your passportBosnia border
We will be crossing border at Orahov Dol, it is a small border crossing open only during the summer. Don’t forget to pack your passports.
12:00-13:00 – Magical Vjetrenica cave tour
13:00- 14:00 – Lunch in Zavala restaurant
After the cave visit to regain the energy, we will stop for lunch in Zavala Restaurant. The restaurant is located in a beautiful stone building that was recently renovated. Originally, it was a railway station built in 1903. Now it serves a different purpose but with the same charm!
14:00- 16:00 – Home return

490 € for 1 person

600 € for 2 persons

700 € for 3 persons

770 € for 4 persons


5h off road Buggy tour, pick up and return transfer to & from accommodation in Dubrovnik, helmet and goggles,seasonal fruit, ticket for Vjetrenica cave, lunch, proffesional guide